We are Adapt and we began with a vision and ideology to change the industry that we are in for the better by offering our clients a custom bespoke first line defence security solution.

Our Company ethos is to make everyone feel safer now in all areas of their daily lives weather that is is their business or their homes. 

Our services cover all areas of protection ranging from simple key holding right through to man guarding, close protection and more.

We are the first line of defence for our all of our clients.

  • Our SIA Licensed services ensure you have the best calibre of personnel to protect your people, assets and environments.
  • Our Licensed officers are fully licensed and highly trained individuals.
  • We are a large SIA protection company provider in the UK Scotland, Wales, and England, offering integrated, risk-based protection solutions to fit your needs, such as; lone worker protection, guarding, mobile protection and more.
  • Your business can expect first-class and a made-to-fit 24/7 Security Guarding Service and a requirement for keeping your company safe & secure.

we are committed to providing excellent hard working staff based on trust and transparency and supported by our core values.

Our companies mission is to provide a service that reflects our client’s requirement and to return upon their investment, their liberty, allowing them to achieve their goals, without unnecessary restriction, hesitation or delay.

To ensure this, we;

  • Use an in depth on boarding (vetting) recruitment process.
  • Build bespoke operations and deploy SIA operatives  at short notice.
  • Ensure our SIA operatives remain licensed and competent.
  • Tailor our SIA Licensed operatives approach, to fit our clients requirements.
  • Provide our operatives with live updates, technology, equipment and vehicles as and when they are required.
  • Communicate with our clients and adapt their service as their requirement / environment changes.
  • Honesty
  • Fairness
  • Responsibility
  • Respect
  • Transformation

Our People at the core of what we do

Recruitment & Vetting

Our thorough recruitment process ensures that every member of our team can deliver their role and uphold the company image and values, whilst maintaining the gold standard in the SIA Industry www.gov.uk . We also complete vetting to the British Standard 7858.

Development & Training

We believe that employee development is one of the most important elements for employee satisfaction and retention. Beyond this we also deliver bespoke client-focused courses through our e-learning platform.

Engagement & Recognition

To improve our overall working culture we use our employee portal, intranet and unified communication systems to ensure staff are informed and engaged at all times. We have multiple channels in place to recognise success and when our employees go the extra mile to deliver exceptional service.



As a company we are an acclaimed firm of licensed specialists with a reputation for both effective protection solutions and the use of innovative technology in the protection of life and property.

We have a portfolio of completed and ongoing projects with particular emphasis on Construction, Corporate, Building, Retail and governmental protection administration.

All Our Staff Are Reliable Licensed in The UK With The SIA Industry And Will Be Deployed Locally To Your Business.

  1. We are committed to mitigating all kinds of protection challenges.

Hence, we offer custom services to meet the specific protection needs of our valued customers.

For this purpose, we operate our own in-house 24-hour control room where our experienced supervisors manage and monitor our SIA Officer teams operating across the sectors we serve.

Our control room will manage and escalate to relevant authorities in the event of an incident.

We can respond to clients’ enquiries 24/7 giving you peace of mind that your needs will be handled professionally and when you require it.

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  1. Adapt Operates round the clock
  2. 24 hours Patrol Organisation 24-7 365 days

  3. All the calls are answered / returned 24 hours a day 7 days a week.
  4. All Officers book on / off with our 24 hours control room
  5. All Officers complete a Health & Safety check call every hour.
  6. Competitive  SIA Licensed Officers Prices
  7. Construction Industrial Corporate Retail Protection Specialist
    We understand that SIA Licensed is the Industry that never sleeps.
  8. Therefore, we work to be available throughout the year often being the ones to call when all other industries close for the night or for the season.
  9. Our switchboard links to our 24 hour manned control room so you can be assured of a quality service at any given time.

We Prevent

We operate a professional skilled licensed protection service across the UK including Scotland and England to deter and reduce the likelihood of incidents

  • Operational since 2010
  • Years of collective management experience in the Industry
  • We offer a wide range of bespoke security solutions
  • Latest Management App Technology
  • Access to Over 1000 SIA Officers in our Database
  • Cost-Effective Services
  • Our Officers are Fully SIA Licensed 
  • Cover large areas of the United Kingdom

We Protect

We provide SIA Licensed Personnel to monitor your premises, with an aim to safeguard your properties, people & assets.

Our Objectives

  • Maintain excellent customer services and high operational standards measurable through key performance indicators.
  • Future investment in technology to further streamline our businessprocesses and operations as we achieve growth.
  • To innovate, evolve and grow within the security services sector
  • Continuous development of leadership skills of team and staff members.


Adapt’s main objective is providing businesses a Security Team of SIA Licensed Professionals to be a Deterrent and Prevent crime against persons, property and businesses. We provide a safe danger free environment.

We provide smart, uniformed front of house staff to protect your organisation and provide unprecedented levels of customer service. All our Security Officers hold valid SIA Licences and undergo crucial security training such as CCTV operation and counter-terrorism. With full UK coverage, our front of house services ensure we can supply expert staff for your organisation to offer a seamless and dedicated service for your business.

What our fantastic customers & clients say

Our main suppliers

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  1. Our skilled People

SIA Protection Officer teams are fully vetted, well-trained, and led by industry experts. This means our people know how to deliver the highest levels of protection whilst performing as ambassadors of our clients’ brands.

We make people feel safe and welcome while providing exceptional value to clients.

Protecting your business, employees, and reputation

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